Enya's Favorite Podcasts

This week, our executive producer Enya shares her favorite podcasts:

1. Limetown

An absolutely enthralling storytelling podcast with beautiful narration and masterful voice acting. Recommended for those who love mystery, dystopia, and a good thrill. One of the best horror podcasts from start-to-finish and will keep you up all night trying to solve the mystery of Limetown. Great to binge, with a second season coming right now!

Categories: Storytelling, Mystery, Horror

2. Hi-Phi Nation

A college professor makes his own indie podcast, self-described as “a show about philosophy that turns stories into ideas.” This podcast makes philosophy accessible, engaging, and relevant - favorite episodes include “Be a Man” & “The Bottom of the Curve.”

Categories: Philosophy, Learning

3. Modern Love

The New York Times narrates its most popular modern love stories, perfect for fans of the Modern Love segment of NYT and realistic stories of people just like us. The voices imbue personality into these stories - sometimes hilarious, other times tragic, but always engrossing.

Categories: Storytelling, Romance

4. Alice Isn’t Dead

Mystery-horror podcast about a truck driver searching for her dead wife. The audio diary segments make it incredibly digestible as listeners attempt to piece together their version of the mystery. Warning: some squeamish descriptions.

Categories: Storytelling, Mystery, Horror

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Navigating workplace politics is hard, and so is maintaining your work-life balance in high school. This TED’s original podcast is great for some lite listening to improve your interpersonal skills and work on improving yourself.

Categories: Productivity, Self-Help